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President's Message
These web pages are not longer supported but remain on the web site so that anyone can use them.

Click on Getting Old to see a humorous talk on getting old.

1. Suggested Projects
View some suggested projects for members of the Penticton Seniors' Computer Club.
2. Useful Links
Links to other web sites that can be of interest to seniors. These include local links as well as links from all over the world.
3. Games
Games that you can play online or download and play on your computer. Some games you can play with others on the Internet.
4. Computer and Tablet Information
What kinds of computers there are, the difference between computers and tablets, and how to find and use apps.
5. Get Help Via YouTube
Many people create and post videos on YouTube about how to do things. These include a lot of useful information about using computers and tablets.
6. The Computer Club
Learn about the Penticton Seniors' Computer Club, its history and how it can help you.
7. Instruction Sheets
Instruction sheets give you instructions on how to do various computer things. You can print them out so that you can follow them easily.
8. Puzzles
Find some word and picture puzzles that you can do to test your mind and keep you busy.
9. Listen to Radio
There are radio stations all over the world that you can listen to at your leisure using your computer.
10. Fun View of Computers
Look at computers in a fun and interesting way. Get some different insight into computers.
11. Useful Tips
View a list of tips and tricks for using a computer or tablet.
12. Wednesday Workshops
Wednesdays from 1- 4 pm is a workshop for members of the club wishing to work on various projects.
13. Online Computer Tutorials
These are tutorials that one can take online at home to help use your computer.
14. Tablets
Find out about the different tablets that are now available and how to use them.
15. Home Projects
Various projects are available which include instruction sheets which allow you to do the projects at home.
16. You Are a Senior
And you have never tried using a computer! Check this out.
17. Fun on Your Computer
Click here to find several things that you can do with your computer to have some fun.
18. Comments/Suggestions
If you are a member of the Computer Club you can submit your comments and suggestions.
19. Explore Files
Using Windows Explorer to find and manipulate files in your computer is very useful. Find out how to use it.
20. Fancy Writing
Find out how to use different fonts and special characters to make your documents and messages interesting.
21. Send Ecards
Create and send your own ecards to friends and relatives (updated April 2015).
22. Nostalgia Music
Select a year from 1960 to 2013 and select music to watch and listen to.