You Are a Senior and You've Never Used a Computer
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Have you noticed that everyone around you, all your children and grandchildren and many neighbours and other family members, are using computers and you haven't even tried to use one yet?

Don't worry. This is common for seniors. The use of computers is attracting them.

Many seniors see that others are using computers to communicate with friends and relatives and get information from the World Wide Web. However they are afraid to get involved since they think they are not capable of handling the new technology. They also think that as seniors they will not be good students who can learn new skills. They are worried that they will become frustrated trying to use computers.

has shown that this is not true. Over the past years many seniors have started from scratch to learn how to use computers and have become successful. With a little effort and the help of club instructors and other students almost anyone, of any age can learn to use a computer. The club provides an atmosphere in which seniors can thrive and learn computers. The club motto is

Seniors Teaching Seniors!

It does not take that long for a senior to learn to learn to use email to send and receive messages and pictures from family and friends, or to use computers to browse the web to find information. Many also find it easy to use Skype to have video communications with family.

Their computers have now become a regular, useful, fun part of their lives.

Many seniors now love their computers since they can conveniently use them, not only to communicate with family and friends, but also to look up information on the World Wide Web, find and listen to music, view family pictures and videos, do genealogy and many more interesting and useful things.

Some have become so involved and interested, that they now volunteer as helpers or instructors for the club!

2014 Penticton Seniors Computer Club