World Radio Stations
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There are radio stations all over the world that broadcast over the Internet. The TuneIn program lets you select the continent, country, province or state, city and then radio station and then lets you listen to that station.

Why would you wish to do this? You can listen to radio stations from the city you used to live in to keep in touch. You may have lived in another country and spoke a language other than English. You can listen to radio stations that broadcast in this language to maintain your language skills. You may be learning a new language and can practice by listening to a radio station broadcasting in that language. You may plan to visit a city and wish to learn about it. You may find a station that plays music that you like. You may find a station that plays sports events you are interested in. You may just be curious. And so forth.....

The following instructions show how you can use TuneIn to find and listen to radio stations from cities all over the world.


  1. Click on the following link:

  2. The TuneIn home page will show. In the green bar menu at the top click on By Location. This bar will appear at the top of all the pages that you view so you can switch to other stations at any time.

  3. In turn click on the continent you wish to access (eg North America), the country you wish to access (eg Canada), the province or state you wish to access (eg, Alberta) and then the city (eg, Edmonton). For other continents and countries you will not have to select a province or state, but just the city (eg, London).

  4. A page will appear with a list of radio stations available in the chosen city. Click on the one you wish to listen to. Note that all the available stations may not appear on the one page so you may have to skip to the next page to find a particular one.

  5. A page for that station will appear. If the station does not start playing, look for a link such as Live and click on it to listen to that station. The station should start playing.

  6. While you are using this site, you will be asked to Sign In or Sign Up. If you wish you can do this or just click on the X at the top, right of the sign up window to just ignore this.

NOTICE: You can use TuneIn to listen to radio stations using a tablet. Instructions on how to do this are in an Instruction Sheet.

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