Instruction Sheets
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Click on any of the following to download the selected instruction sheet. This sheet will have the instructions on how to do some particular computer task. You will usually print the sheet and then follow its step-by-step instructions.

  1. What is an Instruction Sheet?

  2. Scanning Pictures at the Centre

  3. Word: Starting Word, Creating a Simple Document and Saving It
  4. Word: Changing Text Style, Colour, Font Face and Size
  5. Word: Adding Pictures to a Word Document
  6. Word: Putting a List in a Word Document
  7. Word: Putting a Table in a Word Document
  8. Word: Changing a Table in a Word Document
  9. Word: Making a Two-Column Document

  10. Media Player: Converting Regular Music CDs to MP3

  11. Live Movie Maker 2011: Download and Install (Windows 7 or 8)
  12. Live Movie Maker 2011: Create a DVD from a Series of Photos (Windows 7 or 8)
  13. Live Movie Maker 2011: Edit Videos (Windows 7 or 8)

  14. Live Mail: Using Live Mail (Windows 7 or 8)
  15. Live Mail: Attaching Pictures to a Message (Windows 7 or 8)

  16. Paint: Reducing the Size of a Picture

  17. You Tube: Installing the You Tube Downloader
  18. You Tube: Using the You Tube Downloader

  19. Homepage Creator Downloading and Installing
  20. Homepage Creator Creating and Using Your Homepage

  21. Android Tablet: Introduction to the Android Tablet
  22. Android Tablet: Finding, Downloading, and Installing a New App
  23. Android Tablet: Tips for Using Your Tablet
  24. Android Tablet: Printing From Your Tablet
  25. Android Tablet: Finding, Trying and Reading Books
  26. Android Tablet: Using the Camera Coming Soon

  27. Tips - PDF - Downloading and Installing Adobe Acrobat
  28. Tips - How to send a photo attachment with an email message
  29. Tips - How to change the homepage for your World Wide Web browser
  30. Tips - Add a picture from a file into a Word document
  31. Tips - Create a Watermark Background for a Word document
  32. Tips - Prepare and Attach Pictures to an Email Message
  33. Tips - Having Fun With Fonts
  34. Tips - Printing Special Characters
  35. Tips - Creating and Sending Ecards
  36. Tips - How to Upload Personal Pictures for Ecards
  37. Tips - Managing and Using Existing Ecards
  38. Tips - Importing Your Contact List into Ecard

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