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Tablets are basically hand-held computers that allow one to do most of the things that other computers let one do such as send and receive email messages, browse the Internet, take pictures and video clips, view pictures and video clips, listen to music, read electronic books, and so forth.

They come in various sizes, but the most common are perhaps the 10 inch and the 7 inch tablets. They have touch screens so they can be operated using only one and two fingers instead of a mouse. This means that they are very suitable for seniors who have may have difficulty using a mouse. Tablets also have on screen keyboards although some have or can have a physical keyboard attached to them.

Some tablets can be attached to a regular computer easily so that data can be transfered back and forth between them. One can also often attach a tablet to a television set to view what is on the screen.

Like other computers, tablets are run using an operating system. The most common are the Android operating system, the Apple iOSoperating sytem and Microsoft's Windows operating system.

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