Wednesday Workshops
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A workshop is held every Wednesday afternoon at the computing centre from 1 - 4 pm. During this time members learn about what computer projects they may want to start and then work on them. Some of the project that have been done include

  • Collect songs and make a music CD.
  • Download music videos and create a music DVD that can be played on TV.
  • Create web pages for a hobby, a home business, or to share pictures with family and friends.
  • Learn how to use and practice using an Android tablet (with your own or with one at the centre).
  • Create a genealogy project including family trees and pictures.
  • Scan old photos, edit them to improve their quality and store them on disks.
  • Create a DVD for TV of a holiday trip including pictures and videos and music.
  • Learn how to use various useful computer programs.
  • Edit small videos clips received in email messages to make one large video clip.
  • Create your own homepage and store it on your computer to make your favourite web pages more easily available.
  • Convert video clips on old VHS tapes into video files and if desired, put them onto a DVD.
  • Learn how to used the club ecard facility, upload your own pictures for ecards, use ecards to communicate with friends and relatives.
  • Process pictures to make them more useful. eg remove backgrounds, merge photos, add text, crop them, edit them.
  • Learn how to find and use fancy fonts to create artistic printing.
  • Convert personal videos on old VHS tapes to DVD disks.
  • Convert old audio cassette sounds into mp3 files and put onto CDs.
  • Talk to others in the Wednesday afternoon group to find or suggest new projects.

Of course, people attend this workshop and start projects of their own or just to find out whether they can do some particular personal project.

There is no registration for this workshop but one must be a member of the Penticton Seniors' Computer Club to attend.

Android Tablets

Many seniors may have problems using a computer mouse, using the keyboard or even just sitting at their computer desk to use their desktop or laptop computer. Perhaps a tablet would be a solution to these and other problems. Visit the computer room Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm to learn about tablets and their use. This is a drop in rather than a class, but instruction sheets will be available.

An Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet, that can be used either with or without a keyboard (see pictures at the right), will be available. Learn how to use the tablet to

  • browse the web and search the web,
  • send and receive email,
  • take pictures and videos and view them,
  • combine separate videos into one video,
  • download and listen to music,
  • translate text from one language to another,
  • view Google earth and maps,
  • get travelling instructions,
  • find and download apps (applications),
  • download and read books or newspapers,
  • use its voice recognition feature to replace typing,
  • listen to music,
  • and much more.

Actually try using the tablet to see if it would suit your needs either by replacing or supplementing your labtop or desktop computer. Learn how the tablet can be connected to other computers, printers or your high definition TV set.

Note that although the tablet used above is an Asus 10 inch tablet, other different sized tablets and those from other manufacturers using the Android operating system all work the same way. So, for example, if you are thinking of getting a tablet to replace a cumbersome laptop computer for travelling, you can see how they work and try them and then purchase, say, a seven inch tablet which is convenient for travelling.

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